A Quick Guide to Catalog Printing for Your New Business

Catalogue Printing in Dubai is still a vital, tried-and-true, and successful tool for companies to display what they sell. Print Media Dubai, your go-to printing partner in Dubai, UAE, offers a thorough guide to help your company if it’s thinking of trying its hand at business catalogues.

What is a Catalogue?

While there’s no rigid definition, catalogues typically contain pages of products or services with a direct call to buy. They are thicker than typical brochures and range from 8 to over 1000 pages, often in A4 portrait format.

Catalogue Specifications

Common specifications for catalogues include:

  • Four Process Colors
  • Cover Paper Weight: Typically ranging from 115gsm to 300gsm.
  • Text Paper Weight: Typically starting around 50gsm to 130gsm.
  • Popular Stock: Woodfree silk or gloss.
  • Finishing: Saddle stitched or perfect bound, with thicker catalogues favouring perfect binding.

Advantages of Printed Catalogues: 

Extended Shelf Life

Printed catalogues are different from throwaway marketing materials in that they have a distinct lifespan. Because Catalogue Printing in Dubai are tangible, they have more perceived worth, which encourages customers to save them for later use. Catalogues increase the return on your marketing effort even if they aren’t read right away.

Strong Tool for Branding

Catalogues differentiates companies from rivals by providing several chances to strengthen brand identification. Catalogues become an effective tool for brand establishment and identification when they have consistent branding features throughout.

Durability and Stability

No matter how old the company is, a well-designed catalogue may exude longevity and stability. Even recently founded companies may still be judged by their catalogues, which provide a clear indication of their expertise and dedication to excellence.

Perfect for Mailing Campaigns

Catalogues make it easy to target particular audiences, which makes them perfect for direct mail operations. Catalogues successfully expose items to the intended audience, regardless of region, demography, or financial level.

Superb Promotional and Handout Tool

A printed catalogue, as opposed to conventional business cards, puts your items right in the hands of customers. Because of this, catalogues are fantastic marketing tools for public events, neighbourhood get-togethers, in-store promotions, trade shows, and conventions.

The Best Option for Catalogue Shopping

A lot of customers value the leisurely, non-rushed nature of catalogue purchasing. Catalogues’ distinctive browsing and purchasing experience helps explain why so many consumers find them to be their favourite option.

Presenting Goods in the Best Possible Light

With the ability to edit photos and content, catalogues provide businesses the greatest possible chance to showcase their goods. Catalogues provide a broad platform for exhibiting offers, ranging from product characteristics to many uses.

Entire Corporate Representation

Catalogue Printing in Dubai allows firms to highlight several parts of their business in addition to product listings. This helps customers make educated purchasing decisions by providing them with pertinent information such as the company’s history, philosophy, team members, testimonials, and frequently asked questions.

Factors Affecting Catalogue Prices

Businesses thinking about using catalogues as a marketing tool must comprehend the variables that affect their prices. Several factors influence the final cost of producing a catalogue:


  • Total Catalogue Number: The number of catalogues that are requested. The length and intricacy of the catalogue determine the number of pages it contains.
  • Paper Type and Quality: The selection of paper type and quality.
  • Selection of Binding and Cover: The binding style and settings selected.
  • Page Size: The catalog’s measurements.
  • Ink: Printing methods and available colours.
  • Mailing: The price of mailing catalogues.

The total cost also includes the cost of shipping the printer’s product to the company, especially when huge quantities or large catalogue sizes are involved.

Applications for Catalogue Printing in Dubai

Business-to-business applications are served by catalogues in the wholesale/distribution sector. These catalogues, which include vital details such product names, codes, quantities, prices, and applications, are frequently more data-driven.

Printing Catalogues for the Healthcare Sector

Customised and specialised catalogues are beneficial to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. These Catalogue Printing in Dubai include certain topics including surgical and medical supplies, dental instruments and equipment, and specialisations like paediatric or geriatric care. Personalised medical catalogues effectively communicate compliance-related information to time-pressed professionals.

Printing of Finance Catalogues

Catalogues of financial items can make complicated financial products simple to comprehend. Financial offers, such as loans and investment goods, are made more understandable by catalogues. Additionally, they are useful instruments for reaching out to specific consumers through direct mail and other marketing avenues.

Printing of Retail Catalogues

Since long, retail catalogues have played a significant role in the marketing of consumer goods. Catalogues are making a comeback in the current period, especially in the toy business. Particularly kids love the actual feeling of leafing through catalogues, making wish lists, and circling things. This strategy works just as well for selling jewellery, furniture, crafts, and other consumer goods.

Catalogue Printing in Dubai

The process of Catalogue Printing in Dubai provides companies with an effective and adaptable marketing tool. Catalogues are an ageless and powerful tool for developing corporate identity, connecting with certain sectors, and appealing to customer preferences. Print Media Dubai is prepared to help your startup company navigate the complexities of catalogue printing so that your goods get the recognition they merit. With the timeless appeal of printed catalogues, you may boost your marketing efforts and tell your company’s story via pages that enthral and involve your target audience.

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