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Acrylic signage is your best bet in the present days to make your business look classier. You can introduce this range of signage around your site as these radiate a highly luxurious and polished appearance. Printing your message on glass acrylic panels and presenting those is now an assured way delivering the perfect first impression to your target audience.

At Print Media Dubai, we customize and deliver all kinds of printed acrylic panels. As a renowned acrylic sign maker in Dubai, we provide you with the heart of the matter based on which you can create both – large printed acrylic signs and small perspex signs.

You must be aware photographs mounted on acrylic are no less breathtaking. In fact it brings the colors out more vibrantly. Thus an acrylic sign maker has an important role to play at almost all sorts of business venues – including board meetings.

Acrylic Signage

Features and advantages of acrylic signage

Perspex Acrylic signage is significantly popular in the present times. They provide not only clean and stylish but also a realistic image.

Perspex Acrylic signs easily last long. Both acrylic and print media are widely used on these signs and both are guaranteed for at least 5 years by the manufacturers. The tough plastic material is not easily breakable unlike glass. Moreover it is a good resistant to all types of weather conditions. Thus it is useful as both indoor and outdoor signage.

It provides a realistic 3D feel to an image and makes it even more appealing.

Usually all the edges of Perspex acrylic signs are given a diamond polish to create that clean, crisp, polished and modern edge.

Acrylic signage makes any image look more professional and attractive. Acrylic has glass-like quality for which it looks distinctly clean and sophisticated when used as a background for even the simplest of texts or graphics.

Other than signs or company logo, it also looks superb for nameplates.

Although being a tough material, acrylic is significantly lightweight and can be transported easily unlike glass.

Acrylic is easily customisable – it can be bent and moulded into any shape or size at relatively lower temperatures than glass. Thus it is much easier to customise a sign to cater to the needs of a client.

Moreover you can print or affix any design on it.

Businesses consider all these factors and in the end acrylic business signs are widely accepted in the corporate world. As a matter of fact, acrylic works for almost every business kind including retail storefronts, hotels and restaurants, office buildings, doctors’ practices, clinics and others. It is a great option in affordable and durable business signage.

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  • Acrylic signs are formed of colorless, transparent polymer material that is highly long-lasting.
  • The polymer material is formed into plastic sheets that reflect the high clarity of glass.
  • Glass is highly fragile whereas acrylic is not. Moreover the later is flexible, versatile, strong and much lighter in weight than the former and is more preferred.

Acrylic is a strong water-resistant. This is one of the major factors for businesses to choose it over other alternatives as a weather-resistant sign material.

Acrylic business signs are extremely durable and require minimal care and maintenance. Those even possess the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions like snow, rain, temperatures and hail high winds.

The default thickness for acrylic signs is 1/8 inches. This thickness is more or less sufficient in most cases. However a ¼ inches thick option is also there for greater durability and rigidity. This option costs a little higher than the standard variety.

Because of its water-resistant and long-lasting qualities, acrylic is one of the most ideal options for outdoor signs. Moreover it is possible to install LED in acrylic signage. Thus businesses can easily advertise with it on long term basis replicating the attractive feature of neon lights at a much lesser cost.

Acrylic business signs can be ten times more durable compared to their glass counterparts. Moreover the acrylic variety is a great weather resistant. Glass is always a risky option for outdoor sign material because of its fragility and uncontrollable weather elements. Acrylic signs are obviously a much better choice when the above factors are considered. As a rule of the thumb, the thicker the acrylic, the stronger it is.

Paint pens are the simplest option to create easy designs and fun on acrylic. Use a good quality pain pen that won’t smear. Lettering and fine illustrations can be done with finer tip paint pens. For bold numbers and designs you can rely upon thicker tip paint pens.

LED acrylic signs are nothing but the latest alternative to the conventional neon signage. It offers a glassy effect with maximum diffraction of light. In real life application LED acrylic signage not only appears bolder but also more attractive. In order to create LED acrylic signs, a desired shape is cut before the letter or the design is hollowed out to make space for LEDs. To make the end product more similar to traditional neon signs you can round the sharper edges of the acrylic.

Custom painting acrylic signage is not only possible but also easy. Your manufacturer can perform it to perfect match with your business branding or a marketing campaign. Mostly a professional atomiser gun is used for the purpose to ensure a consistent finish across a signage. Instead of painting the acrylic sign directly you can also apply a colored vinyl to it to create a perfectly customized signage with a long-lasting acrylic base.


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