Acrylic  is a clear plastic material that has excellent strength and stiffness. This optically clear plastic is available in a variety of brilliant colours. It has half the weight of glass but has many times its impact resistance. Acrylic sheet is easy to fabricate as it bonds well with adhesives and solvents.

Acrylic fabrication is the process of converting an acrylic sheet into the desired shades and structure. In Dubai, acrylic fabrication has been gathering tremendous momentum because of its innumerable advantages. All around the UAE, entrepreneurs are upgrading their display stands to Acrylic stands.

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There are various types of stores and retail outlets that employ acrylic stands as fixtures to display their products. It is easy for customers to purchase when the products are neatly displayed on strong stands. Acrylic stands have been favoured in Dubai mainly because of their clear nature and stylish appearance.

No maintenance over the years for acrylic stands is also a reason for their widespread use. The transparent nature of acrylic stands makes them a great addition to your store because it does not distract the customer from your products. The marvellous strength and durability of the acrylic stand allow displaying a wide variety of items on it.


Acrylic stand suppliers in Dubai have mastered the art of producing and delivering high-quality acrylic stands. Over the years, acrylic stands have proved very effective due to the following advantages they offer.

  1. Durability: Acrylic stands are extremely durable and relatively unbreakable than other materials.
  2. Easy for customers: The transparency of acrylic display stands Dubai makes it easier for the customer to concentrate on the products and purchase them easily.
  3. Low maintenance: Acrylic display stands need minimum or no maintenance over a long time.
  4. Extra Strength: Acrylic display stands can carry steady and strong heavyweights for a long time.
  5. Customizable: The appearance of the stand can be easily customised according to the products and the dimensions of the store.
  6. Various shapes: The versatile and flexible acrylic material can be moulded to make display stands of various shapes.


In UAE, acrylic display stands are used in a variety of retail stores. Some of the prominent categories are:

  1. Supermarkets
  2. Hypermarkets
  3. Shoe acrylic Display stand
  4. Apparel acrylic Display stand
  5. Cosmetics acrylic display stand
  6. Jewellery acrylic display stands
  7. Books acrylic display stands


The increased demand for acrylic display stands in Dubai has encouraged many acrylic stand suppliers to produce them. Printmediadubai has years of experience in the field of designing and acquiring different types of signages that are extremely useful in promoting and advertising different organisations.

As the best acrylic display stand manufacturer in Dubai, printmediadubai brings you high-quality acrylic display stands that suit your business. We offer extreme customisation options to make sure acrylic display stands are suitable to your needs.

Our experienced team in the field will design and produce superior quality acrylic display stands that befits the nature of your business and the type of product you want to display. Without any doubt, Printmediadubai is the best acrylic display stand manufacturer in Dubai. Contact us now!

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Acrylic is a strong and durable material. It can hold much weight and is impact resistant.

Acrylic display stands are resistant to weather variations. This makes it an excellent candidate for external use.

The acrylic display stand is transparent. Hence maximum customer focus goes to the displayed products.

Print Media Dubai is the most trusted supplier of top-class acrylic display stand in Dubai and all over the UAE.

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