Add a punch of color on your business card with flair and style in Dubai

Your business card is one of your most vital marketing tools. It develops the first connection on new clients and offered as a friendly overview of your past services to existing ones. There are many simple to-customize business card design layouts available online in a wide range of themes, shapes, colors and styles. Every business card design is available in different shapes, including the ones with rounded corners, leaf shaped or one round corner ones.

Here are some of the business cards types you can opt for:

Standard business cards: It comes in standard, slim and square size formats, usually offered on five premium papers.

Ultra business cards: They are the most luxurious thickest ones on the market. They include an eye-catching fly of color to the edges of the card with the novel core inside. Only the best business card printing in Dubai truly represents your identity of truly who you are and what your company represents.

Folded business cards: This card allows you to present your service in an imaginary style. The information about your business is represented on a standard basis, folded in two different styles.

Uncoated business cards: These cards are imprinted on writable matte paper. They are perfect to use as note cards and appointment cards. Perfect for a clean and classic look!

Die-cut business cards: They enable you to make any shape you get a kick out of the chance to truly emerge. From circles to leaf-shaped cards, every design is possible!

The best business card printing in Dubai providers knows the proper design tools for your card. Your business card design requirements:

Text and graphics: When you have chosen a design for your card, the artwork and content are situated no less than 1/8 inch far away from the corners of the card.

Bleeds: Most printing companies require the original artwork file to include bleeds. Bleed is the border encompassing the card which will be trimmed off when the cards are cut. When the card design is sent to PDF in Business Card Composer, usually the printing experts set the 1/8″ or 0.125-inch bleed around the edges of the card. Different printing companies may have different bleeds.

Backgrounds and borders: The custom background or border in the card must go over the edges of the card marginally; generally, clear region should appear on the edges of the printed card. This is why background and borders play an important role.

Resolution: For images, a resolution is important for good quality of the printed picture. A photo that looks okay on the screen may have rough edges and seem fluffy when printed. The resolution should be no less than 300 dpi, the printing experts makes sure that the resolution is good to print.

Colors: When you plan your card, the colors you see on the screen are comprised of three color components: red, green and blue, such color plan is known as RGB. The screen blends these three colors to create different colors. But, printers and other polygraphic equipment’s use another set of color components: Cyan or blue, Magenta or red, Yellow and Black (this plan is called “CMYK”).

For urgent business card printing Dubai, only the best professionals do their work on time. Choose the best matching business card according to your profession!

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